ReyRey has searched the globe to find partners who can secure that the materials we work with are not harmful to our environment. To our surprise we had to go back in time and find a technique from ancient time. We are proud to exclusively work with premium partners that are certified with Vero Cuio, Eco Pelle and ICEC(T) certificates which allow us to obtain and maintain our high standards for modern luxury shoe making with a sustainable approach. 


ReyRey is committed to only using Eco Pelle which is ecological leather processed by the ancient technique of vegetable tanning without using harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the Vero Cuio certificate secures that the leather is genuine Italian leather of finest quality. Finally the ICEC(T) certificate provides transparent knowledge about the track history of the leather all the way back to the farmers. This secures that all our animal skins are bi-products of the food industry and no animals are sacrificed for the sole purpose of fashion. 


Centuries ago the Icelandic people wore shoes made of wolffish skin. Today the Icelandic tannery has become a true sustainable pioneer in working with fish skin from salmon, perch, wolffish and cod. Atlantic Leather is the only tannery in the world that has successfully developed a way to make washable salmon leather which you will find in ReyRey shoe capsules. They provide a special salmon leather they call MIMOSA which is name of the tree and bark they use in the vegetable tanning process. On top of this, all of the energy used in the tanning process comes from natural sources and secures a 100 % carbon free production. 

Each fish skin has its own unique characteristics in a diverse range of colours, textures and finishes. The texture of the vegetable tanned salmon skins is smooth, refined and luxurious. A true ReyRey favorite. 


ReyRey believes in using pre-existing materials to prevent any further damage to our planet. Over time we have used upcycled velvet and denim. The denim materials are widely discussed in the industry as the tanning process of denim take use of very harmful chemicals which resolves in extensive water pollution. We have skipped the entire tanning process by only recycling vintage denim in our manufacturing and by then saving our planet for harsh chemicals. Our founder Rey Abadi handpicks vintage fabrics from vintage shop herself. This means that our shoes made with upcycled fabrics are produced in very limited and exclusive amounts.


Waste is generated at the end of every manufacturing process in each and every industry. However, we take crucial steps to reduce the wastage and to manage it more efficiently. This is being done by changing the structure of the processes and overall business model in our company. 

Initially, the processes were quite linear, which meant that materials were brought into the factory, footwear was made and shipped, and the waste was discarded. And then, more new material was brought in to make new footwear.

However the way ReyRey do it is more circular. This means that we use our waste to create new shoes or incorporate the waste into making other products.

We are making new shoes from older ones and are always looking at new and innovative techniques to reuse the generated waste. 



The ReyRey capsule collections are handmade in the famous valleys of Porto Sant’Elpidio in Northern Italy also called “Shoe Valley”. The boot country is world-renowned for their century long heritage of fine craftsmanship. By manufacturing in Italy, we can secure that the artisans delivers high quality while receiving the lawful right wage and social welfare through carefully inspection. 

ReyRey is proud to work with a small family business. The family has a life long experience in fine craftsmanship in the luxury shoe industry. Not only do they deliver an exceptional high standard in the making of shoes, they also have an unique approach to how to run a business. People are valued much higher than new machinery and this is a value ReyRey appreciates deeply. This human-way-of-business makes the ReyRey shoes true pieces of art. A ReyRey shoe is a result of joint workmanship by artisans with their individual life-long expertise and experience rather than a product of new technology and machinery. 

Shoe moulds are wooden forms the artisans use to shape the leather shoe inside. Different from other shoe companies ReyRey only use pre-existing shoe moulds as the development of new moulds is a long and polluting process with a lot of waist product.

In close collaboration with our Italian shoe artisans, founder Rey Abadi handpicks the vintage moulds she see fit. By this ReyRey utilizes already existing resources and shapes a modern capsule of shoes on the basis of many years of past experience and excellence. 

We take pride in only working with ICEC certified manufactures that secure a complete transparent and legal manufacturing process within three important categories; environmental, social and economic sustainability.

ICEC is the only Certification Institute in Europe and worldwide, which is specific for the leather sector. ICEC is accredited by ACCREDIA to issue certifications. 

One of main reasons that ReyRey is manufactured in Italy in addition to quality and craftsmanship is that there is legislation and regulations regarding minimum wage, safety in the factories, gender segregation and equality in the labor market. And as a extra bonus there is no child labor involved.

In addition to this there is regulations and procedures and its prohibited to work with deadly and harmfull chemicals for the workers, etc. In general, Italy is a country which is well-governed in many ways.

ReyRey is self-financed and all income are recanalized for the development of the brand. We are not only interested in scaling and streamlining our turnover potential, but we also ongoing need to develop new strategies and being innovative in our methods in regards on sustainable production and business. 

In addition to our focus on circular economy we are also have the desire to have a longterm and favorable partnership with all our collaborators to ensure a healthy business for all the parties involved in the creation of ReyRey shoes. 

This way we ensure a longlasting commitment and survival for all stakeholders on several levels and parameters as it is important to look at the economy on a longterm base and have a holistic perspective in the way of financial growth. 

Packaging often ends up as waist. To minimize our footprint, The ReyRey shoebox is handmade from recycled paper in Italy. Furthermore, the dust bag inside the box is handmade of organic cotton also in Italy. We hope you will keep both things for other purposes in your home.

Recycled paper is post-consumer waste so no freshly cut trees are harmed. Creating more recycled paper could help reduce deforestation, and keep more CO2 out of our atmosphere. 107.1 million trees could be saved with use of recycled paper every year. Every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees  (6,300.00 x17).


We have made a strong effort to protect our environment in our entire shoe making process, but how would you like to minimize your own footprint as well? The following 5-step guide helps you to take care of our precious shoes and make them last a lifetime while taking care of the planet. 


Everyday your body weight is carried on top of millimeters of sole material. At some point your shoes will get worn down. However it is often only the sole that needs to be changed. ReyRey advice you to hand in your shoes to a prefered local Shoe Repair once a year for a little touch up. The shoe repair will be able to fix most problems or even just make sure that your shoes are in good condition. Ask your shoe repair for recycled rubber soles. 


Like the skin on your body, leather shoes need moisture as well to be flexible and agile. We recommend you to polish your smooth leather shoe with a clear shoe balm by using a clean shoe sponge, dry cotton cloth or even your old panty hose one time every month. This will keep your leather shoes in great condition much longer. 


Too much rain water will eventually dry up your shoes. We have come to realize that people tend to think that they only have to impregnate leather shoes before they start using it. This will eventually wear off, leaving your shoes unprotected from water and dirt. We recommend you to impregnate your leather shoes every second month. Make sure to match the type of impregnation with the type of leather. 


Make sure to always have a shoe brush close to remove dirt and to polish your shoes. Especially for suede shoes, you have to clean your shoes when they are completely dry with a brush made for this type of leather. Please don’t use water when cleaning your suede shoes, as it will only get worse. A brush made for suede will do the trick. 


Even though ReyRey aim is to make timeless shoes, we realize that women like to replace their shoes more often than needed. Please make sure to hand in your pre-owned shoes to recycling stations that will make sure that the shoes get a second life in the hands of someone else or will be used for a another purpose. No shoes deserve to be thrown out.