ReyRey has searched the globe to find partners who can secure that the materials we work with are not harmful to our environment. To our surprise we had to go back in time and find a technique from ancient time. We are proud to exclusively work with premium partners that are certified with Vero Cuio, Eco Pelle and ICEC(T) certificates which allow us to obtain and maintain our high standards for modern luxury shoe making with a sustainable approach. 


ReyRey is committed to only using Eco Pelle which is ecological leather processed by the ancient technique of vegetable tanning without using harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the Vero Cuio certificate secures that the leather is genuine Italian leather of finest quality. Finally the ICEC(T) certificate provides transparent knowledge about the track history of the leather all the way back to the farmers. This secures that all our animal skins are bi-products of the food industry and no animals are sacrificed for the sole purpose of fashion. 


Centuries ago the Icelandic people wore shoes made of wolffish skin. Today the Icelandic tannery has become a true sustainable pioneer in working with fish skin from salmon, perch, wolffish and cod. Atlantic Leather is the only tannery in the world that has successfully developed a way to make washable salmon leather which you will find in ReyRey shoe capsules. They provide a special salmon leather they call MIMOSA which is name of the tree and bark they use in the vegetable tanning process. On top of this, all of the energy used in the tanning process comes from natural sources and secures a 100 % carbon free production. 

Each fish skin has its own unique characteristics in a diverse range of colours, textures and finishes. The texture of the vegetable tanned salmon skins is smooth, refined and luxurious. A true ReyRey favorite. 


ReyRey believes in using pre-existing materials to prevent any further damage to our planet. Over time we have used upcycled velvet and denim. The denim materials are widely discussed in the industry as the tanning process of denim take use of very harmful chemicals which resolves in extensive water pollution. We have skipped the entire tanning process by only recycling vintage denim in our manufacturing and by then saving our planet for harsh chemicals. Our founder Rey Abadi handpicks vintage fabrics from vintage shop herself. This means that our shoes made with upcycled fabrics are produced in very limited and exclusive amounts.


Waste is generated at the end of every manufacturing process in each and every industry. However, we take crucial steps to reduce the wastage and to manage it more efficiently. This is being done by changing the structure of the processes and overall business model in our company. 

Initially, the processes were quite linear, which meant that materials were brought into the factory, footwear was made and shipped, and the waste was discarded. And then, more new material was brought in to make new footwear.

However the way ReyRey do it is more circular. This means that we use our waste to create new shoes or incorporate the waste into making other products.

We are making new shoes from older ones and are always looking at new and innovative techniques to reuse the generated waste. 


Packaging often ends up as waste. To minimize our footprint, The ReyRey shoebox is handmade from recycled paper in Italy. Furthermore, the dust bag inside the box is handmade of organic cotton. We hope you will keep both things for other purposes in your home. 


Certified materials

Safe for people and planet

Handmade in Italy with love and care from sketch to final product

Recycle, Reuse, Rewind