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ReyRey is a high-end luxury and sustainable footwear brand which was created by a complete analysis that concluded that women only needs eight pairs of shoes

where the design is longterm, timeless, durable and can be used in countless combinations.

This minimalistic approach created The Capsule Collection which includes:

The Pump, The Brogue, The Wedge, The Boot, The Stiletto, The Flat, The Sandal and The Joker.

ReyRey is not only a shoe brand - its a movement/manifesto that aims to go against consumerism, massive shopping and buying on trend.

Including a strategic business model in terms of sustainability and sustainable fashion all phases and processes by building a ReyRey shoes is worked sustainably.

This is not only applicable to the use of materials where only sustainable materials from suppliers who are certified

but also on the efficiency of production and workflow and value chain optimisation with minimum wastage.

With a sustainable business model takes into account all essential aspects of

sustainability, including environmental, social and economic variables, all of which are part of the ReyRey DNA.